Dr. Lilisa Mimms is a multi-faceted community leader that has a broad range of experience within the private and public sector in addition to her many years of serving the Paterson community. Dr. Mimms has over 20 years of experience leading expansive customer service and operational management teams for a Fortune 100 company which allowed her to develop leadership, planning, operations and negotiating skills. While in the private sector she made substantial contributions to her company’s top and bottom line objectives while enhancing the overall experience for its customers.

Dr. Mimms is a passionate supporter and advocate of the Paterson Community, its school-age children, its taxpayers and residents. While on the school board she has fought for everything she believes our children deserved and as a community advocate, Dr. Mimms and has be a staunch supporter of those initiatives that will enable a better Paterson.
Dr. Mimms is equipped with education and wisdom and her commitment to the city and its people.

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